Inside the Life of Earl Hamner Jr. at The Waltons Hamner House

By Heidi

“In memory I go there each night, I stand beside the gate, look up to the house, and once again I hear the voices of my mother and father, my brothers and sisters as we call goodnight to each other before we sleep.” ~Earl Hamner Jr.

As a young child, I had the opportunity to visit “Walton’s Mountain” (Schuyler, VA) with my grandparents. That trip had a lasting impact on me and bits and pieces of it are fresh in my memory like it was just yesterday. One thing that stands out is seeing Mrs. Hamner (Earl’s mother and the inspiration for Olivia Walton on The Waltons) sitting on a rocking chair on her porch. She waved to us and I was starstruck.

Ever since that trip, I have had a strong desire to return to that area and spend more time exploring. My family had the opportunity to do that very thing on a recent visit to Virginia. We visited The Walton’s Mountain Museum and followed it up with a visit to The Waltons Hamner Home. While the surroundings look a bit different, the house itself looks just the same as it did to …read more

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