Jeremy Camp’s “The Answer” CD

By Heidi Where do you turn for answers?

Life is filled with lots of ups and downs. When we’re in the midst of the downs, we often find ourselves questioning why we’re in that situation. At least, I do. I’m pretty sure you do too. We cry out, “Why me?”

Some situations are much harder than others. I’ve been through many circumstances that I didn’t understand. I’ve lost babies before they were born – twice. I’ve walked with my best friend through cancer and, eventually, I had to say “good-bye” to her. I’ve gone through health issues with all three of my children that have been scary. And, there are many days when I’ve just wanted to crawl back into bed and start over again with a brand new day. I bet you can relate, maybe not to the exact same situations, but to the feelings.

And, you know what? There’s ONE ANSWER to all your questions!

“The Answer” CD

Multiple award-winning and GRAMMY nominee artist Jeremy Camp has a new album releasing TODAY!

“I can’t wait for everyone to hear these songs,” shares Camp about the new album. “After all these years, it’s amazing how the well to draw from never runs dry, when …read more

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