Thor: Ragnarok is the Best Thor Movie Yet

By Gavin Doyle

Sitting down in the theater for the next Thor: Ranarok film I wasn’t really sure what to expect. Of all the Marvel movies the Thor films have never been my favorite. I’ve always enjoyed the Captain America and Guardians of the Galaxy films the most. There has always been a quality to Thor that I could never connect with, and while the movies provided spectacle, they never really had heart.

Suffice to say, my expectations were not very high as I walked into the press screening of Thor. Let me tell you, Thor: Ragnarok far exceeded anything that I could have even hoped for. The new film delighted with a type of humor I’ve only really seen Marvel use in Guardians of the Galaxy, classic rock music that brought the story to life, and a new perspective from which Thor views the world. In essence, this new Thor movie has a whole lot of heart.

There were some very humorous jokes throughout the original Thor film and into the Avengers that showed off just how funny Thor can be, however they were not used to reveal Thor’s character. Those jokes were taken to a new level in the new film where the …read more

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