Coco Delights With Touching Story, Dazzling Visuals, and Earworm-like Songs

By Gavin Doyle

Throughout this holiday season I hope that you are surrounded by family. The new Disney Pixar film Coco offers up this same hope as they tell a story that will give you new perspective on what it means to remember someone and honor your family.

To tell this story the film focuses on the theme of death. Pixar broaches this topic with a sensibility that matches that of their other films and they do it in a way that keeps the film kid friendly and positive. The film centers on Miguel, a young boy that is frustrated with his family because they won’t allow him to play music. Through a series of magical events Miguel ends up in the land of the dead where he meets his ancestors and soon comes to understand how much his family really means to him. Should he focus on pursuing his dream of music or reuniting with his family? The events of the film lead us on a twisting journey that will make you fall in love with the characters.

Miguel’s incredible adventure is brought to life by dazzling visuals that highlight the color and beauty of Mexico and the land of the dead, a cross …read more

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