Coco is Built on Tradition and Passion For Mexican Culture

By Gavin Doyle

Coming off Toy Story 3, director Lee Unkrich had an idea. He wanted to create a film based upon the Mexican celebration of Dia de Los Muertos. This was one of three ideas that he presented to the Pixar Braintrust to be his next project.

Unkrich shared that he “had always been interested in the tradition, and spent some time doing some research, and really trying to understand more than [he] already knew. And the more that I dug in, the more that I learned about how central family is to this celebration, and that Dia de Muertos is, you know, is all about this obligation that we all have to remember our loved ones, and to pass their stories along. And I just really started to see the potential to tell a unique story, to tell a story that could only be told in animation, that could be visually dazzling, but also had the potential to have a real emotional core to it. And that was really kind of the beginning of this journey.”

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