Disney Cruise Line Packing Tips

By Allison Sandberg

Disney Cruise Line Packing Tips

Most people are well aware of the basics you need to pack. You need plenty of clothes for swimming, sight seeing, recreation, and dinner. Besides all your basic things here are some Disney Cruise Line packing tips.

Day Bag:

If you are planning to get off the ship in port you might want to bring a backpack or day bag to carry your personal things with you. Make sure you have some way to securely carry your documents and money. You may also want to carry a snack or bottled water depending on the port, weather, and activity. You may be able to use one of your carry on bags but think ahead when you are packing to be sure you have something that will be the right size and easy to carry.

Large Beach Bag:

This is highly recommended if you are traveling with a family. I brought our large beach bag by putting it empty on the bottom of my suitcase. It didn’t take up that much room but it was great to have on the trip. On board you may need it up at the pool area to carry sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, cover ups, etc. …read more

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