Universal Studios Resort—Good, but something to be desired (Trip Report/Review)

By Jonathan

Let me start out by saying that we have not spent much time at Universal Studios (we have spent far more time at Disney). Our recent trip was short planned and two days long. This will not be an extensive review on every aspect of the hotels or parks, just what we observed on our quick visit. With that said, here’s a summary report and review.

We were traveling down for a family reunion and decided we would head out a couple days early for some time with just our family. We haven’t spent any extended time in the Universal Studios parks in years and thought it would be a good opportunity to check out the parks, especially as a family that enjoys Harry Potter.

The Accommodations

When we travel to the Orlando area we almost always stay in a timeshare or vacation rental. On this trip, we started looking around and found that it was actually cheaper for us to stay at a Universal Resort hotel using some credit card reward points, rather than renting points from a vacation owner. We were able to stay at Universal’s Cabana Bay Beach Resort for $25-$50 under the listed price—a nice savings on a three …read more

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