Make Perfect Burgers at Home with Cave Tools

By Heidi

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I get hungry for a yummy burger and it’s not a convenient time to go out to eat. Sometimes we buy hamburger patties from the local butcher shop; but they’re always more expensive than buying the loose burger, so we don’t keep them on hand very often. Occasionally, we have attempted to make our own hamburger patties, but we can never get them flattened down like I like them. I like my meat well done and that’s nearly impossible to do with a thick, handmade patty.

Enter Cave Tools!

The Burger Press Patty Maker is the perfect way to make your burgers! With indicator lines for making either 1/4 or 1/3 pound burgers, you can get perfectly shaped round burgers every time. The press even comes with 200 free burger papers so you can make up a bunch of burgers and freeze them for when you need them.

I absolutely loved using this burger press! The burger didn’t stick to it, it was easy to press the patty and pop it out (I just turned it upside down and it shook right loose), and the burgers have a perfectly round shape. In …read more

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