A Disney World Fan’s Visit to Disneyland

By Jo Garrett

I LOVE Walt Disney World in Florida! It feels like home to me and brings me such joy that I visit as often as I can. But when the announcements for the 60th Anniversary Diamond Celebration at Disneyland in California started rolling out, I knew it was time for me to make a trip out west to visit Mickey’s original home.

I had visited Disneyland before, but way back when there was only Disneyland park and California Adventure was not even in the works. I had vague recollections of it being much smaller than Magic Kingdom at Disney World and fondly remembered some of its unique rides like the Matterhorn, Submarine Voyage, and Indiana Jones Adventure. What I experienced when I arrived was even better than I remembered and far exceeded my expectations!

Here are some of the things I actually liked better about Disneyland versus Disney World:

Everything is within walking distance

The Disney resorts are all right next to the parks and Downtown Disney, which makes it very easy to simply walk to the parks each day (it also makes taking a mid-afternoon break easy!). In fact, everything is so close that there is no bus system to transport guests around from …read more

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