Diapers and More Delivered to Disney Cruise Line

By Allison Sandberg

When traveling with children on Disney Cruise Line you may find that you are filling up your limited luggage space with diapers, wipes, baby food, formula, and more. Interested in having these things delivered directly to your stateroom aboard Disney Cruise Line?

You can consider having these items shipped to your hotel where you are staying the night before your cruise. Then you can just bring them with you to the port and the porters will take care of the rest. Amazon can deliver to most resorts and if you are staying at Disney hotel the night before you can use Garden Grocer.

Here are a few tips.

Talk to your hotel to find out what their policy on package delivery is and how the package should be addressed
Keep in mind when the package will be delivered. Most likely you will want the package delivered a few days before your arrival date
Be sure the items you order are allowed to be carried on board the ship. Some cruise lines have restrictions on food and alcohol being brought onboard
Consider the packaging. If you order from amazon it may all be in a box ready to go, just add your luggage tags to it …read more

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