The Search for a Kidney: Josh’s Story (Part 1)

By Terri

More Kidney Donors are Needed

Within the United States there are over 100,700 people in need of a new kidney. Sadly, nearly 5,000 of those die each year waiting too long. Did you know you were born with 2 kidneys, yet you only need 1 to survive? A kidney transplant is the best treatment for someone with kidney disease and kidneys donated from living donors last longer too. The process to donate a kidney is easier than you think. Would you consider becoming a donor?

Carolyn (Josh’s mother) & Josh

Meet Josh

Josh is a 22 year old, Disney-loving fan who is in need of a kidney! His story begins below, as told by his Mom, Carolyn. Over the next few days, Josh & Carolyn will share their full story, below is just the beginning…

Josh’s Birth & Diagnosis

Joshua was born on a very cold January day. Although I had excellent prenatal care, there was no indication that problems existed. Josh was born at 5:05pm, a whopping 9lbs 13ozs! We didn’t realize how important that would be. We counted fingers and toes and looked at his sweet little face. My life had changed. I was a momma to a baby outside the womb. He was …read more

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