The Search for a Kidney: Josh’s Story ~The Transplant (Part 3)

By Terri

Does this picture (below) not say it all? Today, we learn of a Mother’s unconditional love for her Son and how she donated her Kidney to him – without hesitation!

Josh hugging his Mother, Carolyn.

The Search for a Donor (Told by Carolyn, Josh’s mother)

When Josh was born, the doctors told us right away that he would need a transplant at some point. To get “ahead” they started testing anyone who was willing. He was still just an infant. I knew before they even asked that I would be willing to donate. Josh’s dad also said he would be tested. So we both started the process. As we were going through preliminary blood tests, his dad was found to have a transmittable blood illness that made him ineligible. He was furious that he was ineligible. When I was found to be an almost perfect match, the relationship with my husband (Josh’s dad) deteriorated further. The search was over. Josh had his donor.

When Josh was 18 months old, he was very curious about things. He was exploring his world, touching things with buttons, like little ones do. And then he touched my husband’s stereo. His reaction was to lash out and …read more

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