It’s a Good Day to Be Fabulous!

By Heidi

A few months ago, Gracie and I saw Kinky Boots at the Hershey Theatre. Our Musical Journey started out as a 2-year adventure. Gracie wanted to study musicals during her last two years in high school and there was nothing available curriculum-wise, so we decided to create our own. We made it through two years, she graduated from our homeschool, and the journey should be over. But, we’ve grown so accustomed to musicals during these past two years that none of us wanted it to end (I say “none” because often my oldest daughter – and sometimes even my son – have gotten involved in our passion for musicals.

So, here we are, starting on Year 3 of our journey (and I’m way behind in posting!) I don’t know if this journey will ever truly come to an end. I also don’t know when we’ll ever get all our information into the form of something useful to others. But, for now, we’re having fun and that’s all that matters!

About Kinky Boots

Kinky Boots is the winner of every major Best Musical award, including the Tony (R), the Grammy (R), and London’s Olivier Award. Based on true events, this huge-hearted …read more

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