Pixie Dust Wishes

By Allison Sandberg What is Pixie Dust Wishes?

Pixie Dust Wishes is a foundation that makes Disney wishes come true for individuals with special needs an their families. They will get to experience the magic of Disney, the special accommodations and magical moments that Disney provides to guests with disabilities, and the entire family will have the opportunity to retreat away from the daily challenges and demands that go along with the precious joy of raising a child with special needs.

Who is eligible for a Disney Wish?

“Our goal is to be able to grant as many Disney wishes possible for individuals with special needs. We accept letters of nomination from the the following people involved in the individual’s life: learning support teacher, therapist, regular education classroom teacher, medical professional, paraprofessional, coach, or any other professional that works with that individual on a regular basis. After our board members have accepted the nomination letter, an application and other paperwork will be required when we contact you. They then will decide who we are able to grant a wish to based on their letters, our current funds, and any other criteria that they find to be important in making a decision. Our hope is to eventually …read more

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