Minnie & Winnie Test Out the EatSmart Precision Pet Check Scale

By Terri

We recently fostered two kittens who were given the Disney-themed names of Winnie and Minnie – thanks to our facebook fans! The main goals of foster care for these two litter mates were socialization and weight gain; in which EatSmart provided us with an EatSmart PrecisionDigital Baby & Pet Check Weight Scale to watch them grow!

Winnie & Minnie!

Winnie & Minnie’s Foster Care Growth

Winnie and Minnie were brought into our local Humane Society as strays, so they were a bit timid of humans initially. Within a day, they realized humans were friendly (and we provide food!) so, the kittens warmed up to us pretty quickly. Our next goal, which takes a bit more time, was to make sure they were gaining weight!

At our local shelter, Columbus Humane, kittens need to be 2.25 lbs. (or 2 lbs. 4 oz.) before they can have their spay or neuter surgery. This is why foster care is so important; if kittens can be fostered at an off-site (non-shelter) location, they have a much better chance of staying healthy and gaining weight. And a healthy kitten has a much better chance of getting adopted!

Daily weight checks are so important during …read more

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