Make Traveling with Your Pet Simpler with This Pet Travel Carrier

By Heidi Do you travel with your pets?

I have to be perfectly honest and admit that we haven’t traveled with our pets.


Because neither of our pets is a good traveler. Our dog, Gabe, wants to be a good traveler and he’ll jump right in the van any time offer him the opportunity to go along with us. But then, once we start driving somewhere, he gets very nervous and doesn’t stop shaking and whimpering the whole time (even if I hold him). Our cat, Emmitt, has never been a good traveler either. We have had pet taxi thing that we use to take him to the vet when necessary, but he meows the entire time and it very agitated.

We love our pets and would certainly love to travel with them more but we don’t want to traumatize them too much. I see families with their pets at the airport and often wish we could bring Gabe along on our vacations with us.

How can we make pet travel simpler?

Both of my pets like to be in confined spaces. Gabe likes to curl up in a little ball under the covers. And Emmitt will squeeze into the littlest of …read more

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