The Search for a Kidney: Josh’s Story ~ Transplant Success (Part 4)

By Terri

We’re continuing on telling Josh’s story and the success of his first transplant. (He’s now in need of a new kidney, see the bottom of this article for how you might be able to donate!)

Josh, hugging his mother, Carolyn.

WDW Hints: Josh, how soon after the transplant did you notice a difference? Did treatments change (less frequent/no dialysis needed?) Did you reach a point where you felt more “free” of kidney disease or has it always played a factor in your daily life?

Josh: It was absolutely amazing! I was still in the operating room when my mom’s kidney started working! I didn’t know that then. I was still OUT! But the doctors and nurses were so happy it was successful right away. I was in the hospital for about 3 weeks—one of those was in ICU. It was REALLY hard for me because my mom had always been at every hospital stay. But this time, she couldn’t be. She was in the hospital about a week. Her best friend took video of her talking to me and then brought the video to my hospital room. This was before Skype, FaceTime and all the awesome apps we have now. It was …read more

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