I Can Only Imagine – coming to theaters March 16th

By Heidi

I still remember the first time I heard the song “I Can Only Imagine” by Mercy Me. What a profound song! It really made me think about what heaven must be like and how I might respond to Jesus when I first get there and see him face to face. Then, several years later, when I lost my best friend to cancer, the song had a whole new meaning to me as I imagined my friend dancing for Jesus, happy, healthy, and whole again.

Surrounded by You glory
What will my heart feel
Will I dance for you Jesus
Or in awe of You be still
Will I stand in your presence
Or to my knees will I fall
Will I sing hallelujah
Will I be able to speak at all
I can only imagine
I can only imagine

When I heard that they were making a movie on the life of Bart Millard (Mercy Me’s lead singer) and that it would be sharing the story that inspired the song, I couldn’t wait! And now, here we are, just a few days from the March 16th, the day that “I Can Only Imagine” the Movie, makes it debut in theaters! Yay!

About “I Can Only Imagine”

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