Why I Can’t Sing in the Church Choir

By Heidi

8 years ago, I lost my best friend after her courageous battle with ovarian cancer. But, our friendship had begun long before that …

The Start of a Very Special Friendship

I first met Sue at church many, many years ago. In fact, I had walked into the church with baby Ashley in her car seat to meet with someone, and Sue came into our meeting and introduced herself. I knew at once that we would become friends, but I had no idea exactly how close we would become.

It didn’t take long for us to realize that we not only had a great deal in common, but we also sounded a lot alike. At first, we used this for “fun” – making phone calls for each other and tricking our relatives when they would call us and the other one would answer. But, a few years into our friendship, we decided to sing in our church’s Christmas cantata. We were given a solo to share that year. Yes, we sang the same part together. But, it wasn’t long after that we started harmonizing and getting asked to do special music at church.

I had NEVER had the nerve to …read more

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