Enchanted Garden — Embarkation Lunch — Disney Dream

By Sarah

*This dining experience took place in May 2018.

Embarkation Lunch at Enchanted Garden

We recently went on a 3-day cruise on the Disney Dream. Disney Cruise Line offers some unique dining experiences, including adult dining and also offers rotational dining, where guests dine at a different restaurant each night of the cruise. One of these restaurants is Enchanted Garden. While we did dine there for dinner, we also got a chance to dine here for lunch on embarkation day.

When my mom and I went on the Disney Dream back in 2014, we also ate at Enchanted Garden during embarkation. But, it was a buffet then. Now, Enchanted Garden offers an a la carte menu. Guests wanting a buffet can still enjoy the buffet up at Cabanas on deck 11. Because I have found the buffets to take a bit of time to get special dietary needs meals, we decided that Enchanted Garden might be a calmer and easier bet. In addition to my special dietary needs, Brandon is also allergic to fish and shellfish, and we wanted to make sure he was extra safe on the cruise ship where there’s a ton of seafood.


The theming in Enchanted Garden is …read more

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