Big Hero 6: The Series: Back In Action! Review

By Amy

It’s as simple as this. If you loved Big Hero 6, you will love the Big Hero 6: The Series: Back In Action cartoon. I was recently given the opportunity to check out the Big Hero 6 DVD that was released on June 26. My kids and I were so pleasantly surprised by this quirky and adorable TV show. Even my 12-year-old preteen thought it was great.

The Big Hero 6 DVD comes with 7 episodes from the first season of the cartoon along with six bonus shorts featuring Baymax and each member of the crimefighting crew and one with Mochi, the cat. Along with the original crew from the movie, including some of the original bad guys, the cartoon introduces new characters to the action. The Series begins just before the end of the original movie and immediately continues the story with their newest adventures. As the DVD explains,

The adventures continue for tech genius Hiro Hamada and his healthcare companion, the lovable, inflatable Baymax! Picking up right before the end of the film, Hiro thinks Baymax is lost forever, until he finds the chip Tadashi designed to create Baymax. Hiro immediately gets to work rebuilding Baymax, but his …read more

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