Pirates of the Caribbean: A 50 Year History of Reflecting Modern Culture

By Lindsay Brookshier

The most recent changes to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride have caused quite a stir among many loyal Disney fans. The recent re-imagining of the redhead’s role from bride for sale to auctioneering pirate has fired a debate over whether or not Disney made the right move with these changes. In the fierce political climate in America, this debate has found itself being wedged within a back and forth over political correctness along with Disney’s goals of being a family oriented theme park.

This isn’t the first time that the Pirates of the Caribbean ride has undergone changes to stay relevant and adapt to the most recent popular culture trends. Interestingly enough, Pirates of the Caribbean is one of the only rides in the Disneyland Resort to receive such a great number of updates over the years. Pirates of the Caribbean embodies the evolving nature of the parks and the history the Disneyland Resort has of remaining relevant with modern culture trends. Here’s a look back at all the changes the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction has seen over the years.

The Beginning

Pirates of the Caribbean made its debut in the Disneyland Resort on March 18, 1967. Originally, the ride was …read more

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