Interview with Disney Artist Rodelio Gonzalez

By Crissy

We’ve got another Disney Artist to introduce to you – Rodelio Gonzalez! He’s worked on many fun paintings from your favorite Disney movies – be sure to find out all about Rodelio below!

WDW Hints: Please tell us a bit about yourself, your background as a painter and what it’s like creating for Disney Fine Arts.

Rodel Gonzalez: I came from a third generation family of artists back in the Philippines where I was born and raised. From my grandfather Felix to my dad Rick Gonzalez, many of my siblings, cousins took art as a profession. I started painting as early as 9 years old and was working at my dad’s studio/gallery from my teenage years until college. However, I pursued music during college and stop painting altogether until 2002 where I moved my family to Hawaii and went back to painting again after 18 years of hiatus. From one gallery on 2002, many galleries took noticed of my fine art and carried my works all the way to US mainland. 2008 was when I was offered to be part of the Disney Fine Art program as one of their artist. I’ve been with them ever since. Creating for Disney Fine Arts …read more

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