How I pack a family of 4 into 1 suitcase for a Disney Cruise

By Danielle Wann

With the cost of baggage fees on certain airlines you may want to keep your luggage count down. Our family has been on more than 5 Disney cruises and although most say the more you vacation, the better you get at packing…..
I don’t think I can get much better than this!

Here is a broken down list per family member of what is included in our 1 suitcase and 2 carry-ons for our Disney Cruise.


Daughter (5 years old):
5 pairs of underwear
2 sets of pajamas
2 bathing suits
7 outfits (she can be a diva)
Tip: one of these outfits is matching pants and cardigan
Matching hair bows for outfits

Son (6 years old):
5 pairs of underwear
1 bathing suit
5 outfits
2 sets of pajamas
1 sweatshirt

Mom (me):
5 pairs of underwear
3 bras
2 sets of pajamas
1 bathrobe
my outfits
(Broken down:
3 skirts with matching tank tops and t-shirts to mix and match
Jean shorts
2 tunics
6 undershirts/tanks
Jean jacket)
Bathing suit cover up
3 bathing suits
1 pair of leather flip flops

Dad (husband):
5 pairs of underwear
2 pairs of ankle socks
2 bathing suits
4 pairs of shorts
1 pair of jeans
1 sweatshirt
5 t-shirts (all Disney-themed)

Misc things packed in suitcase:
Movie candy
Light sticks
Pop up hamper
Bath and body works night light/air freshener

Toiletries broken down:
Contacts and glasses
Adult and kids mini toothpastes
Bobby pins
Face wash and face lotion
Hair …read more

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