Tea Talk Tuesday – Realistic Goal Setting for Your Sipology Business

By Heidi

Back in January, I signed up to be a Sipologist with Steeped Tea. I wrote about the many reasons I think this is a great side hustle for anyone. Since January, I’ve been having a blast with this job, adding to my team, and sharing tea with everyone! “It’s who you share it with!”

A few weeks ago, I got a call asking me to speak at the INAUGURAL Steeped Tea USA Conference in Nashville, TN. I wasn’t expecting that! But, I said, “Yes.” Because I was asked to speak on goal-setting and these tips apply to everyone (not just Sipologists), I thought this post might be a good place to start my new Tea Talk Tuesday posts.

Hi! I’m Heidi. I live in central PA with my husband Brian and our 3 children. I’ve been a homeschool mom for the past 19 years. Last year, after my second child graduated from our homeschool, I started thinking that it was time to find something fun for me to do. I’ve had side hustles over the years, and currently, work an at-home job while homeschooling my 12-year-old son. I didn’t think another direct sales company would be in my future; but then …read more

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