Our Year with Thi – The Prequel

By Heidi

Two weeks from today is a very special day in the Strawser family and one that we’ve all been counting down to for the past several weeks and months. “What are we looking forward to?” you ask. We are looking forward to meeting our newest family member! We are getting an exchange student through ICES (International Student Exchange Programs). Thi will be joining us from Vietnam and our family is so excited to have some Vietnamese culture in our home! So, in just 14 days, our year with Thi will commence …

Our Year with Thi

There are so many thoughts and feelings rolling around in my mind (and heart). I know that he is feeling much the same as he prepares to leave his family and his homeland to spend the next school year in a strange place with a strange family (very strange, as the case may be!) But, I feel the need to share in case there is someone out there interested in the possibility of hosting an exchange student, but just to scared to bite the bullet and make a commitment. Hopefully, as our story plays out throughout the coming months, it will be an …read more

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