15 Magical Facts About Disneyland That Will Surprise You

By Lindsay Brookshier

Updated 8/14/18. The history of the Disneyland Resort is an inspiring journey of Walt Disney’s innovative ideas becoming a reality. Disneyland has become an iconic part of American history and Walt’s legacy has been carried over into all the various Disney owned theme parks now covering the globe.

Taking a look back through history, there are some surprising and unique Disneyland facts to uncover. Let’s take a magical journey through the Disneyland Resort and learn about some of the most surprising facts we could find.

1. Black Sunday

Disneyland’s opening day was a bit of a disaster due to more than 13,000 guests showing up than expected. Rocket to the Moon, Peter Pan, and Dumbo the Flying Elephant were all closed. Tomorrowland wasn’t quite finished yet and many of the restaurants/food stands ran out of food. The hot temperatures turned Main Street U.S.A.’s newly poured cement into tar leading to women’s high heels getting stuck as they walked. All of this chaos led to cast member’s giving opening day the nickname of Black Sunday.

2. Walt Did His Share of Line Waiting

Walt Disney loved spending time with his park guests so much that he would often spend time waiting in line with them …read more

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