Our Year with Thi – Week 1

By Heidi

Last Friday, we went to the Harrisburg International Airport to pick up the exchange student that we’d been waiting for! This past week has been a bit of a whirlwind for our family, but I wanted to document it for several reasons:

Like all other things that a parent thinks they will remember, I know that there’s so much I will forget about this experience if I don’t document it.Even though his parents don’t speak English, I want them to be able to see these posts on my blog and know that their son is being well cared for, loved, and enjoying his time in the United States.I want those who are reading these posts to see that hosting a foreign exchange student is something anyone could do. Hopefully more families will consider this opportunity!

We spent Saturday at home because we were all working on very little sleep. We hadn’t gotten home from the airport ’til about 1:30am, and then the boys (who are sharing a room) were talking at 4am! (I’m not sure that they slept at all!)

Saturday evening, we were invited to fellowship with a local friend who also welcomed an exchange student into her home. …read more

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