By Heidi

Over the past few weeks, we’ve talked about three types of tea that come from the Camelia Sinensus plant – Black Tea, Green Tea, and White Tea. Today we’ll be talking about the last TRUE tea … Oolong Tea.

Characteristics of Oolong Tea

Oolong tea is partially oxidized.

It is unique in appearance, color, and aroma.

Oolong is beautifully rolled into pearls or thin strands waiting to unfurl in your cup.

It has a smooth and luxurious taste.

Using a scale of 1-3 teacups, Oolong Tea contains 2 teacups of caffeine.

Oolong Tea should be steeped for 3 minutes and can be steeped three times. What this means is that from one scoop of tea, you get 3 (THREE!) servings!

Oolong tea is delicious served hot. My favorite flavors are Raspberry and Creamy Orange.

Current Oolong Tea Flavors Available from Steeped Tea

Creamy MilkSmooth CoconillaCreamy OrangeRaspberryFrench Toast

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