Our Week with Thi – Week 3

By Heidi

In one way, it’s hard to believe that three weeks have passed by already; in another way, it feels like Thi has been with us much longer.

For the record, if you’re reading these posts and wondering how to pronounce his name, it’s not TY, THEE, THY, etc. His name is pronounced like the beverage that I love and sell – TEA! Perfect, right?! (Originally, he said that we could call him “Terry,” but I’m a firm believer in calling people by their given names. Plus, Terry is an older man’s name, in my opinion; so, in our house, he’s THI.)

Last Friday, we planned to have our last field trip day before school started. Because I know Thi likes animals, the goal was to go to Lake Tobias and then ride the Millersburg Ferry. However, the weather report was predicting a rainy day, so we decided to head down to the Lancaster area and we ended up at the Turkey Hill Experience. Everyone loves ice cream, right? Even though we’ve been there before, it was a fun place to introduce Thi too. And, it’s always fun to create your own ice cream flavor. …read more

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