Our Year with Thi – Week 4

By Heidi

This past week has been pretty uneventful, really. Basically, it’s been a week of school for Thi and a week of homeschool (and other things, as it always the case!) for Ian and me.

A little bit ago, I posted this on Facebook:

A lot of people are chuckling at it, and it does seem sort of funny on the surface. But, if I allow myself to sit and really think about it, it brings me to tears. A local friend who has had a lot of foster children come and go from her home reached out to me and said:

Letting you know I will pray—change, even fun stuff, can mess with us –my home is a revolving door and i get it …

Process like you are now–you are a good writer–write what it feels like to be odd girl out———-it will be good for others too …

It will help you sort it out and it will be real–and we need to be real—–becoming mama to a teen is much different then acclimating to a baby or toddler like we have done—so yup write it down …

And unfortunately you will probably change more than he this year –but it will make …read more

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