Tea Talk Tuesday – What is Pu’erh?

By Heidi

So far, we’ve talked about the following teas (please click on the links if you’d like to learn more about any/all of these great teas):

Black TeaWhite TeaGreen TeaMatcha Green TeaOolong Tea

All of the above teas come from the same plant and are all considered “true teas.” From here on out, we’re going to be talking about some other types of “tea” or infusions. Today, we’re moving on to Pu’erh. . .

Characteristics of Pu’erh

Pu’erh (pronounced PuWARE) is fermented, oxidized, and aged.

It will improve with age like wine.

Pu’erh is highly valued in China where aging methods are a well-kept secret.

*For more information on this, I suggest reading The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane by Lisa See.

It is a red-toned tea with earthy flavors.

It’s one of our boldest teas.

Pu’erh tea is known to aid in digestion.

It is also known to neutralize greasy foods.

*For this reason, we suggest pairing it with a stir-fry for a complimentary sip!

Using a scale of 1-3 teacups, Pu’erh contains 2 teacups of caffeine.

The production of this coveted tea began over 1,400 years ago in Pu’er, Cina, giving this tea its name. To this day, the tea is still …read more

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