Our Year with Thi – Weeks 5 & 6

By Heidi

With school taking center stage now, these posts may not come on a weekly basis. I don’t want to bore you each week by saying, “This week Thi went to school every day.” So, weeks that aren’t very eventful will be combined to save on the boredom factor.

When I last wrote, I mentioned that Thi was having his first social event … he did get together that evening with the other 3 exchange students who are attending our local high school. It’s nice that they are sticking together, but I’d also really like to see him branch out a bit and make some friends with some LOCAL kids. So, we shall work on that.

That following week, he got to see our family go through a sad time …. Ashley’s boyfriend’s younger brother was killed in a tragic car accident, so we were walking that sad road with them. I spent a lot of time that week pouring over pictures of the young man who passed away and creating a memorial video for the family. Thi was busy at school, and we really didn’t do anything “special” that week.

Last Sunday, we found ourselves with a free day and …read more

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