The History Behind the Disney Ambassador Program: A Walt Disney Tradition Since 1965

By Lindsay Brookshier

Disneyland welcomed the two newest Disney Ambassadors this past week: Justin Rapp and Rafa Barron. They will represent the Disneyland Resort and its 30,000 cast members during a two-year term. Along with this representation comes the task of “taking the magic of the Resort into the community by acting as emissaries of goodwill” as described by Disney.

This tradition was started by Walt Disney himself back in 1965 and has carried over to every Disney Park in the world. Let’s take a step back in history to see how Walt Disney created this tradition, learn how the selection process works, and how the ambassador role brings Disney magic to the local areas around the parks.

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The History of the Disney Ambassador Program

Walt Disney with the first Disneyland ambassador, Julie Reihm.

Walt Disney began the Ambassador Program in 1965. At the time, Walt’s schedule was overwhelmed with requests for his time and personal appearances. It simply was too …read more

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