Walk In Walt’s Footsteps

By Allison Sandberg

Let me start by saying I have never done a tour at Disneyland. I grew up at Walt Disney World, having gone probably 200 times and each time I visit any park, I see something I have never seen before. Therefore, getting the chance to visit Disneyland and do an actual tour based on the history of the park, made me feel like a kid in a candy shop.

Here is a peak of what I saw at Disneyland while “walking in Walt’s footsteps”.

We started by meeting at the tour center, directly to the left when you enter Disneyland, there are shaded seats and a small restroom. We are met by the tour guides and handed earpiece systems, so that the guide can walk and talk, this is a fantastic advantage to those who have trouble hearing in crowds! Our first stop is under the very apartment Walt lived in! Typically the tour takes you inside, however they are currently doing some construction behind the scenes in preparation for an additional exit for the mass crowds guaranteed for the 60th anniversary. We are told about why Walt wanted to …read more

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