Our Year with Thi – Weeks 7 & 8

By Heidi

Once again, the past two weeks have been busy ones, but fairly non-eventful as far as our time with Thi goes.

One of our struggles so far this year has been his ability to get on the bus after school. He’s missed the bus at least 5 times this year! I’m not sure what the issue has been, as it seems fairly simple to me to stand out with the other kids and watch for the bus number, but he seems to not be able to grasp this concept. It’s been something that causes me stress, as he normally chooses a day that’s busy and inconvenient for me to run to the school and pick him up. So, this is an area I’m trying to work with him on regarding being more responsible.

Another issue that we’ve had is that he seems to lie sometimes or “double talk.” He said he was doing this because he wanted to make us happy – but, for me, lying is one of my biggest pet peeves, so it made me the opposite of happy. For example, he had told us that he really loved going to the races with Brian and Ian, …read more

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