How to do your Disney Cruise Online Check-In

By Allison Sandberg

The Disney Dream continues the Disney Cruise Line tradition of blending the elegant grace of early 20th century transatlantic ocean liners with contemporary design to create one of the most stylish and spectacular cruise ships afloat. The Disney Dream offers modern features, new innovations and unmistakable Disney touches. (David Roark, photographer)

If you’ve never sailed on Disney before, they you are able to do your online check in 75 days prior to your sail date.

Those that have sailed 5 times and under (silver status) can log in at 90 days and those that have sailed 5-10 (Gold status) are at 105 days and 10+ (Platinum status) can complete their check-in at 120 days prior to sail date. Concierge guests can also complete their check in 120 days ahead.

Here is what you need to know to do your Disney Cruise Online Check-in.

Midnight EST of the day you CAN check-in opens up the excursion/dining booking window. 3AM the check-in opens.

WHY check-in early?

1. Early Passenger arrival time. Meaning you can board sooner than the other thousands who book late or don’t check-in on time. Meaning, you get on the ship to EAT, PLAY and HAVE FUN sooner. The sooner, really the better!

2. Secure Palo/Remy/Nursery/Spa/Cabanas. …read more

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