Tea Talk Tuesday – What is Fruit & Veggie Tea?

By Heidi

n past Tea Talk Tuesdays, we’ve talked about the following teas (please click on the links if you’d like to learn more about any/all of these great teas):

Black TeaWhite TeaGreen TeaMatcha Green Tea

Today’s featured tea is Fruit and/or Veggie Tea. These aren’t true teas at all, but rather infusions.

Characteristics of Fruit & Veggie Tea

Makes the best iced tea.

Great alternative to sugary beverages.

Delicious! Kids love these teas!

Using a scale of 1-3 teacups, Fruit & Veggie teas contains 0 teacups of caffeine. (In other words, these teas are caffeine-free.)

FUN IDEA: use our fruit teas for the second fermentation of your Kombucha.

Current Fruit & Veggie Tea Flavors Available from Steeped Tea

Winter SangriaPapaya SangriaCitrus Mint SangriaCosmopolitanSummer Berry SangriaItalian Orange SodaPineapple Orange CoolerBerry ManiaMagical MangoPink DragonCandied Baby BeetsButtercream Carrot CakePumpkin Banana BreadTangy Ginger Carrot

To place an order for any of these teas or the lovely teaware pictured above, please go to my website and click SHOP. Items pictured above include:
*Bubble Cup with Infuser
*Cosmo Cups

If you have any questions about Fruit & Veggie Tea or any of our other tea varieties, please leave …read more

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