Hand-Pulled Candy Canes: 50 Years of Disneyland Tradition

By Lindsay Brookshier

One of the trademark traditions of experiencing Disneyland during the holiday season is getting your hands on one of the coveted hand-pulled Disneyland candy canes. These hand-pulled candy canes have been a Disneyland tradition for 50 years. In honor of this year being the 50th anniversary of these historic candy canes, let’s take a trip down memory lane to see what the fuss has been about all these years.

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Hand-Pulled Disneyland Candy Canes: A Time Honored Tradition

Some of the Candy Makers have been making these candy canes for over 36 years which is just another way that Disneyland has honored this classic tradition. So what does it exactly mean to hand-pull a candy cane?

These days the candy canes you find in retail stores are made by machines. Hand-pulling candy canes is the traditional way to make a candy from scratch. This is by no means …read more

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