Mary Poppins Returns is a Welcome Return to Cherry Tree Lane

By Gavin Doyle

Our beloved Mary Poppins flies back into theaters in Mary Poppins Returns this holiday season. The film is a return to the magical world of Cherry Tree Lane and this alone should make you want to see the film.

Utilizing the beats of the original film, the filmmakers have created a fun filled musical featuring the memorable lead character. Set a short 25 years after the film, Jane and Michael Banks have grown up and Michael has children of his own. After the passing of Michael’s wife, the family has fallen on hard times and only a little magic can help to prevent the family from losing their home. Of course, Mary Poppins arrives at just the right moment. There is joy in seeing the way that matured adult Michael and Jane react to the return of their fantastical nanny all the time questioning if their adventures as children had actually occurred.

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