10 Must Have Items For Your Cruise

By Carla Haydt 10 Must Have Items for your Cruise Vacation
Don’t leave home without them!

Your passport, cruise documents, sunscreen and of course that swim suit are things everyone knows to bring… on that upcoming cruise adventure. However; here are 10 items you might want to
add to that packing list.


Each member of your family should have a lanyard with a plastic sleeve attached. These lanyards are extremely helpful for keeping your room key and identification close to you. It
also makes entering your room very easy without having to remove it from the plastic sleeve.

Old Room Key

Have you ever been to a hotel and have not turned in your room key, well hold on that that piece of plastic and pack it on your next cruise. A lot of cruise lines require you to insert
your key card into a slot to activate the lights when you arrive in your room. By placing an old hotel key into this slot; you do not need to remove your key card out of your plastic sleeve on your
lanyard each time you come and go from your room.

Storage Bags of all sizes

Storage bags are a go-to item when traveling on land or sea. They are excellent to pack …read more

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