Discount Disneyland Tickets 2019 – 12 Best Ways to Save on Disneyland Tickets!

By Lindsay Brookshier

You can still save money at Disneyland with discount Disneyland tickets even with the incredible new additions coming to the resort and increasing Disneyland ticket prices.

The most seasoned Disneyland goers know that you can always save money on multi-day Disneyland tickets.

In this guide we have broken down the best discount Disneyland ticket options into an easy to use list so that you will save money at Disneyland.

There are also some frequently asked questions about finding discount Disneyland tickets and info on how to avoid scam cheap Disneyland tickets at the bottom of the article.

1. Disney Approved Discount Disneyland Ticket Reseller

In order to reach every market throughout the United States and to increase their marketing power, Disneyland partners with outside companies and allows them to resell their tickets at a discounted rate.

I work with Get Away Today, the largest of these Disney partners, and negotiated an even lower rate on tickets exclusively for readers of my sites and The team at Get Away Today values all that we provide for our readers so they have committed to offering the literal lowest prices on multi-day tickets publicly available ANYWHERE!

Their company is top rated and they have worked …read more

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