Money Saving Tips for Disney

By Allison Sandberg

There are a few crossroads on the way to planning a Disney trip that will take you in different directions financially. If you are looking to make the most affordable trip then this will help you navigate those decision. You may not be able to follow every major money saving idea because of personal constraints but these will send you in the right direction. The more you are able to follow the more affordable your trip will be. You can also use one of these to save money in one area so you can spend it somewhere else (Travel during value season but stay at a deluxe hotel)

Time Of Travel: The prices for a Disney trip and what specials are available can change considerably based on the time of year you visit. Disney has several seasons and the cheapest time to visit is during value season. The dates change from year to year and depend on certain holidays but in general value season includes January through mid-February, August through September, and the beginning of December. Some advantages to traveling during this time are less crowds and great promotions. One of the disadvantages is weather. These are the times of year …read more

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