Toy Story 4 Review: Delights with Return of Classic Characters and Heartwarming Story

By Gavin Doyle

What do you want to accomplish when you sit down for a movie like Toy Story 4? For me, I hope to reconnect with characters and a world that I already know and love, while finding new layers that make the whole thing fresh.

Toy Story 4 delivered on this lofty goal. The movie was not only a good sequel, but a great movie. The story builds upon the world of Andy and the first three films without cheapening the original storytelling.

Toy Story 4 Review

There was fear that the movie would reopen a book that had been perfectly closed by the Toy Story 3 film (the ending of which is one of the best moments in cinema). However, the Pixar filmmakers successfully summarized the end of the last film within the first minutes of this new film and allowed for the audience to start at a place of understanding of where Woody, Buzz, Jessie, and the other toys are today. Aside from a flashback at the beginning of the film showing the familiar setting with Andy as a kid with his mom and sister, the movie is about Bonnie and her toys. Mainly the toys though and for the first time …read more

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