Tips to Beat the Heat on Your Summer Vacation

By Allison Sandberg

Planning a summer vacation to Disney but worried about the heat? You know about sunscreen, hats and sunglasses. Here are some other tips to help you beat the heat and have the most fun.

Cooling Towels & Small Fan

Bringing a small fan or cooling towels are a great way to cool off when you are in the parks. A good cooling towel can really help you beat the heat. I found some great options at Target but there are lots of places you can get them. A small fan (some you can even wear around your neck) can help keep you cool too. You can find these items in Disney as well but you can find some great deals if you get them ahead.


Consider the heat as you plan your schedule. You may want to come to the parks early and then take a mid day break at the pool or water park and then head back to the parks for the evening. This will give you a break from the heat. If you want to stay in the parks all day then consider planning the indoor shows and a lunch for the hottest part of the day from 12 p.m. …read more

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