15 Common Mistakes to Avoid on Your Disneyland Vacation

By Lindsay Brookshier

There are many common mistakes you can avoid when visiting Disneyland whether you’re a seasoned pro or a first timer coming to the parks. Even if you’re a guest that doesn’t want to plan each day down to the fine details it is helpful to know what to avoid to make your vacation awesome. Here are some of the most common mistakes I see people making on their Disneyland vacations!

1. Waiting Until You Arrive to Buy Tickets

It’s so easy to buy your tickets online and whether you buy from an authorized third party to get discounts (our travel partner Get Away Today can get you the best deals!) or from the Disneyland website, you will always save time and money buying them in advance. Rather than spending time sitting in the ticket booth lines your first day, show up with your ticket in hand and get inside the parks quicker!

2. Sleeping In On Your Park Days

The most common negative things we hear about Disneyland all focuses on crowds and waiting in line. But if you wake up early and get to the parks an hour before opening you will find the parks are much easier to manage. This …read more

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