How Does a Travel Planning Service Work?

By Allison Sandberg

Even more than questions about destinations and vacation planning, the question we are most often asked is “How does this work?” It’s absolutely a valid question! Getting a free travel planner definitely seems too good to be true and we have been well-trained to be skeptical in this digital age. Here is how our services at Magical Memory Planners work and how we are able to offer these travel services for no charge. It is a tale of mutual trust.

Your Trust in Us

We love what we do! So much that we invest a lot of time, energy, and our own money into ongoing training, education, and personal travel experience. We want to make sure we always have the best travel options for you and the most current information and tips to share with you.

Our #1 priority is you and your vacation experience. There is a reason we are called Magical Memory Planners! Travel builds stronger connections and creates lifelong memories. We never take lightly that we are planning your travel. We use our extensive knowledge and experience to personally match you to options we feel would be a great fit for you and your family. We aren’t creating our dream …read more

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