Frozen 2 Review: Sequel Dazzles With Great Story and Beautiful Score

By Gavin Doyle

Frozen 2 provides a meaningful new story without feeling forced or contrived. Though the sequel was inevitable after the success of the first movie, the filmmakers did not rest on the laurels of the first film and created an elevated story.

They succeeded in crafting a tale that feels additive to the world of Frozen and provides a thrilling night at the theater with endearing character moments, meaningful lessons, and ear worm songs.

Frozen 2 Synopsis: Your Favorite Characters Return

The new Frozen film works to answer the question – where did Elsa get her magical icy powers? To plant the seeds to answer this question, the filmmakers use a flashback of Anna and Elsa’s father telling them a bedtime story about his time visiting a northern magical forest (see trailer intro below).

Jumping back to the current times in Arendelle, all our favorite characters from the original film are living in peace. Elsa is a worthy queen, Anna and Kristoff are a happy “dating” couple, and Olaf has taken to spouting off great wisdom (though not always correct). Everything changes when Elsa hears a melodic call referenced by her father in the flashback that leads her to inadvertently awaken the spirits of the …read more

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