Allergy Chicken Tenders Locations

By Sarah

Are you and your kiddos fans of chicken tenders, but you have a special dietary need? You’ll be excited to know that Disney World serves Allergy-Friendly Chicken Tenders at select Disney dining locations.

Allergy Chicken Tenders are made to be friendly for the most common allergies, which includes gluten/wheat, egg, fish/shellfish, milk, peanut/tree nut, and soy.

Allergy Chicken Tenders are typically fried in a dedicated allergy fryer or baked in an oven, depending on the location and the special dietary need. This will vary, and guests should ask a manager or chef to discuss the preparation process. For those guests who have soy allergies and/or intolerances, some locations may not be able to accommodate and provide a safe option due to soy-based oil used in fryers or a lack of an oven.

The companies that supply Allergy Chicken Tenders to Disney World may vary and are subject to change. Two brands that you can currently find at Disney World are Ian’s and Chef’s Line. Ian’s brand allergy-friendly chicken tenders are currently the most commonly found brand on property, with the Chef’s Line brand being served at a few locations like Columbia Harbour House in the Magic Kingdom.

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