Should You Take Your Child on a Milestone Trip?

By Allison Sandberg

Should you take your child or grandchild on a milestone vacation? Let’s talk about it!

First, what does that mean? We are talking about taking one child with one or both parents or one grandchild with one or both grandparents on a vacation.

Most likely, this would be to celebrate a special milestone such as a birthday or graduation. It’s like a right of passage that each child or grandchild would do when they hit that milestone.

What Are Some of the Benefits?

One on one time is always awesome for both the child and the adult. It is a great way to connect without distractions. You are more relaxed when you travel in a smaller group and your child will get the best version of you for a few days.

Your child will feel valued that you chose to spend your time with them. Special and unique memories are made that you will treasure for years to come. The child gets to be the star and center of attention for a little while. They get to see and do their favorite things while on vacation. Fewer people means a lower cost trip which may allow for more things to do or unique opportunities you …read more

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